Our school provides excellent early childhood education, based on an active learning method. The basic premise of this method is to learn through playing. Active based learning means rather than passively listening and watching students are forming a brain and body connection. Studies have shown that active based learning increases engagement and productivity in the classroom. We promote a safe and all-inclusive learning environment in which each student can fully get the most of their time here at Kittitas Preschool.

   We offer individual attention to every child. Our emphasis is on whole-child development, which uniquely focuses on each child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Physical Development – Our indoor and outdoor play focus on developing both fine and gross motor skills because early childhood is the ideal time for acquiring and practicing fundamental movement abilities.

Social Development – Under the guidance of our certified teachers, our classroom provides the ideal setting for children to both model and learn from their peers.

Emotional Development – Our curriculum promotes emotional development by supporting your child’s imaginative and empathetic learning.

Intellectual Development – We provide a peaceful, organized atmosphere so your child will be able to realize the depth of their learning abilities.

Enrollment is currently open. Application forms are located in the Elementary school and here online. Forms can be submitted to the elementary school office, or scanned and emailed to