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Principal's Corner

It's a Brand New Year

Go Yotes!
Go Yotes!

It's a great day to be a Kittitas Coyote! 

What I love about walking into our school is the friendly, family feeling you feel as soon as you walk through the doors. Teachers and support staff know the names of students and families, and greet everyone with a smile. We have a staff full of hard-working, dedicated teachers who pour their heart and souls into their jobs. Our support staff are all here because they love kids and want to make a difference. With people like that on the job at Kittitas Elementary, you cannot go wrong! 


Today at our first spirit assembly, we watched a Kid President video, entitled, 20 Things We Should Say More Often.

20. Thank you.

19. Excuse me.

18. Here is a surprise corndog I bought you because you're my friend.

17. I'm sorry.

16. I forgive you.

15. You can do it!

14. I've got barbecue sauce on my shirt too.

13. Please.

12. Everything is going to be okay.

11. Aww! You got me a corndog too? You shouldn't have!

10. I don't know.

9. You're so awesome...

8. Hello person I've never met before. Here's a high-five!

7. My sports team isn't always the best sport team.

6. *nothing*

5. (funny noise)

4. I disagree with you, but I still like you as a person who is a human being and will treat you like that because if I didn't it would make everything bad and that's what lots of people do and it's lame.


2. Life is tough, but so are you.

1. Something nice!

Bonus: Let's Dance!

We can learn a lot from Kid President!

To watch the video yourself, follow this link:


Thanks for a fantastic start to the new school year!

Stephanie Rosbach, Principal




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