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Welcome to the Coyote Library 

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Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book each week. Second grade students may check out up to two books each week. Third through fifth grades may check out up to three books each week.




Damaged, Lost and Overdue Books

We do not charge a fine for overdue books. Overdue notices are sent out on a routine basis, usually each month. If you notice your child is not bringing home new books, please ask if a book is considered lost or overdue. Sometimes, you send the book back, but it does not make it to the library.

If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for or returned before additional books can be checked out. All items not returned by the end of each trimester will be marked as lost, and a fine for the replacement cost of the book will be issued.

     Charges to Student Accounts

  • When a student is charged for a lost or damaged book, the student may not check out any materials until the fine is paid, or the book has been returned.
  • Lost books will be charged a fine equal to the replacement cost of the book. Most of our books are library editions; therefore we will not accept books purchased by patrons in lieu of lost books.
  • Payment for a lost book is reimbursed should the book be found and returned in good condition in a reasonable amount of time.

We attempt to instill a sense of responsibility for the library and its books.  This means students are responsible for caring for books, using a bookmark, and renewing and returning books on time, so others may borrow them.

Accidents happen!  Puppies chew (usually new) books, juice containers leak in backpacks, younger siblings use them for creative art projects, and books get left outside. Most children are responsible and if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the responsibility to report it. If a book page accidentally rips, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tapes and glue, which resist heat and won't discolor. Return the book with a note and we will gladly repair it. If a book becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost. 

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